Exam Scrutiny Committee

The purpose of this examination scrutiny policy is to ensure the planning and implementation of examinations is conducted efficiently and to ensure the operation of an efficient examination system with clear guidelines. The examination policy will be reviewed every year. The examination policy will be reviewed by the Exam scrutiny committee.Exam ScrutinyCommittee should include Chairperson, Exam scrutiny incharge, IQAC Coordinator, HODs and Class coordinators of respective academic year.


  • Scrutinize question papers prior to examination
  • Arrange for speedy evaluation of answer sheets
  • Collect post exam analysis of answer sheets and remedial actions taken for slow learne


Responsibilities of Examination Scrutiny Committee

  • Scrutinize the question papers of all internal examination
  • All the question papers received from the paper setters are subjected to scrutiny in order to validate its conformity with the pattern and academic regulations in force. Any extra or aberrations are subjected to necessary corrections.
  • Committee can recommend for correction, modification or replacement of questions.
  • Monitor that examinations are conducted only after following corrections of scrutiny committee.
  • Maintain scrutiny committee record.


Scrutiny procedure

  • Class coordinators need to submit exam notice two weeks prior to examination
  • Class coordinators need to Submit two sets of question paper with answer key one week prior to exam.
  • Exam scrutiny committee has to assess the Question paper with the check list
  • The scrutinizers have the responsibility to make corrections in the question paper and ensure that the corrections are followed
  • Make a record of question paper scrutiny


Responsibilities of Exam Scrutiny in charge


  • Collect exam notice, time table two weeks prior to examination
  • Collect two sets of question papers one week prior to start of examination
  • Scrutinize the question paper with the subject expert according to the check list and select the question paper/instruct to modify
  • Ensure that the question paper(s) have been set strictly in accordance with the by the University.
  • Prepare Template of the question paper as per university format.(Name of the exam, Scheme, Time, Maximum marks, QP Code are included)
  • Check the correctness of the maximum marks and duration allotted to the paper. Marks allotted to each question must be clearly mentioned. Ensure that the sum of the marks for the different questions equal the maximum marks for the paper.
  • Ensure that Number System in model question paper is followed
  • Check for repetition of questions and Cut the repeated questions
  • Ensure that there are no abbreviations.
  • Correct/modify/replace the questions in case of necessity
  • Ensure that the composition of question paper shall have a mixture of different levels Ensure that 50% to 60% of questions can be answered by average students, 20%to30% can be Intermediate level of difficult questions and 10% to20% can be Advance level questions (Applied type, Comprehensive type).
  • Ensure that representation and weightage has been given to all the chapters as far as possible.
  • The scrutinizers are solely responsible for omissions. mistakes or errors left uncorrected in the question paper
  • Ensure that the confidentiality of the question paper is maintained.
  • The term of scrutinizing incharge is one year and the responsibility comes in rotation to the senior faculty of College of Nursing including Professors and Associate Professors.


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