Continuing Education Unit of M.O.S.C. College of Nursing was established with the purpose to ensure that faculty stay abreast of current practices, enhance their professional competence, learn about new technology and treatment regimens, update their clinical skills and develop research aptitude. CEU will be reconstituted every year. Executive committee includes chairperson, coordinator, assistant coordinator and members.


  • Keep up-to-date with new concepts and development in the health field
  • To increase basic knowledge and skills and develop positive attitudes
  • To motivate faculty to seek the latest knowledge
  • Develop interest,job satisfaction and confidence
  • To encourage self-learning

Functions of CEU

  • Plan training and development needs for faculty of college of nursing
  • Conduct training programmes for faculty
  • Ensure the attendance of faculty in the meeting
  • Ensure the smooth conduct of all activities planned under CEU


  • Induction Programs
  • Training and development programmes
  • Classes in relation with National Health day celebration
  • Mock Drills
  • Statistics classes
  • Spiritual Classes
  • Staff development programmes

The responsibilities of the CEU Coordinator shall be

  • Prepare guidelines for CEU
  • Prepare and Update Continuing education evaluation form
  • Oversee all CEU activities
  • Prepare schedule of internal and external classes
  • Maintain attendance register and report
  • Coordinate all CEU events

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