Grievance Redressal Cell is intended to find solutions to problems of students like ragging, any kind of physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding classroom teaching, management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc. and to resolve problems of the faculty working in the organization. The aim of the Grievance Redressal Committee is to work towards reconciliation of intramural disputes, to guarantee due processes for settlement of otherwise irreconcilable grievances, to help ensure institutional integrity and to guard academic freedom and welfare of students and faculty.

The following members constitute the Grievance Redressal Committee of M.O.S.C. College of Nursing, Kolenchery.

1 Dr. Namitha Subrahmaniam Chairperson-Grievance Redressal cell Vice Principal/ Deputy Warden
2 Mrs. Anu Jacob Kachappillil Secretary-Grievance Redressal cell Associate  Professor/ Teacher representative
3 Mr. Deepak K Nair Member Assistant Professor/ Teacher Representative
4 Mrs. Cebi Paul Member Assistant Professor/ SSGP Nodal Officer
5 Mrs. OmanaK Chakkappan Member  Tutor/ SSGP Nodal Officer
6 Ms. AthiraRajan Member College Union Chairman
7 Ms. Ashiquina Abbas Member College Union General Secretary
8 Ms. Aleena Baby Member College Union Counsellor
9 Mrs.Shamol Varghese Member College Union Counsellor
10 Mrs. Mary Rajan Member Hostel Supervisor
11 Mrs.Bindhu Shaji Member PTA Representative

Grievance Submission Form

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