M.O.S.C. College of Nursing has a strong alumni association with an immense network of its graduates who left theirimprints worldwide in various capacities. The association has been functioning for many years as a supporting organ of the collegewhich facilitatesthe strong bridging of the students, faculty and the institute for future benefit and welfare. All Nursing students (undergraduates and post graduates) graduating from M.O.S.C. College of Nursing are permitted to become members of the association. The association arranges the reunion of its members annually.

The objective of the association are:

  • To bring the alumni of M.O.S.C. College of Nursing into a common forum. 
  • Established a sense of esprit de corps among the members.
  • Maintain effective communication network among the former students and the institution.
  • To be a resource person for seminars, conferences, workshops and in other academic activities.
  • Provides opportunities to meet and share the experience of the members periodically.
  • Encourages institutional loyalty and work towards educational excellence.
  • Upholds the dignity of the professional and maintains professional standards.
  • Contributes to the overall development of the institution.

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