College Union

  • The college has an active  College Students Union.
  • All students of the College shall Ipso Facto be ordinary members of the  union and shall have the right to vote and contest in the elections of the union,  unless they are otherwise disqualified.
  • Every ordinary member of the union can become a member of the other associations.
  • Every ordinary member shall pay the prescribed fee towards the College Union  fund .The fees shall be paid with the first installment of the fees as per the instructions  from the General and Academic branch of the Kerala University of Health Sciences  from time to time.
  • The magazine fee shall be fixed by the college authorities as per  the advice of the magazine committee under intimation to the General and Academic branch.
  • The Union has a College Union Council comprising of the following Offices:

             (i) Chairperson

             (ii) Vice Chairperson

             (iii) General Secretary

             (iv)  Joint Secretary

             (v) Two University Union Councilors to the KUHS Students Union

             (vi)  Secretary Fine Arts

             (vii)  Students Editor

             (viii)  Secretary - Sports and Games

              (ix) (x) One representative from each of UG course for each year and one from PG representative elected from students of all PG classes together.

  • The Election to College Students Union will be conducted by secret ballot on the principle of each member having a single non transferable vote.
  • The term of College Union shall be one year from the date of its constitution or till the reconstitution of new college union whichever is earlier.
  • A member or an office–bearer will cease to be a member or office-bearer of the college Union (as the case may be) if he/she ceases to be a student of the College.


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