Facilities Available

Bed strength

The hospital is equipped with 1000 beds. Of these, 500 are in the general category and meet the requirements stipulated by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for the teaching departments. The remaining beds belong to the private, semiprivate and the unitary wards of the super-speciality departments.

Clinical departments

The college has access to all the clinical and super - speciality departments of the Medical Mission Hospital,  under the able guidance of senior professors and clinicians. Since 1972,  the hospital has been recognised by the MCI for conducting Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship programme. The operation theatres are well equipped and meet the requirements of the MCI for training medical interns. Many of the departments also have post graduate programmes for Diploma of the National Board of Examinations.

The fact that this institution is credited with the first C.T scanner,  the first open psychiatric ward and the first research paper on leptospirosis in Kerala,  is proof of the innovative spirit and drive of the medical faculty.

Computerised information management

MMH has highly integrated hospital information system to assist patient care. The patient centered system takes care of patients from admission through discharge. Patient related information like ward and theatre supplies,  procedure details,  laboratory tests,  results,  pharmacy medicines,  etc are all made available at the ward or the physician's computer. This system also has the facility to make DICOM compatible images like CT,  MRI,  X Ray and Ultra Sound available on the physician's computer system. It has also a tele - radiology module,  whereby the referring physician can study the medical images and make notes over the internet. The hospital has more than 100 computers on its network,  Apart from patient care,  it has computerised nearly every aspect of hospital information such as stock,  finance,  human resources,  asset management etc.

Nursing and supportive services

Experienced and well trained senior nurses are on call for specific patent care areas as per the nursing council norms. The well disciplined school of nursing run by the mission,  produces qualified and efficient junior nurses each year to meet the rising demand for nursing personnel.

The medical college is situated by the side of NH 49,  connecting Kochi and Madurai, on a 40 acre campus sprawled across the scenic countryside. The city of Kochi and its international airport are less than 30 kms away.

Well experienced and devoted teachers have been appointed in full strength as per the recommendations of the MCI. Dr. C. Radhaknshrian is the Dean.

Pre-clinical departments

The departments of anatomy,  physiology and biochemistry are housed in the newly constructed buildings with a floor area of around 75,000 sq. ft.

The three spacious lecture theatres are provided with custom designed furniture and modem audio-visual equipment. All equipment as per the norms of the MCI,  have been installed in the laboratories. The anatomy museum possesses a large collection of indexed wet and dry specimens,  imported models,  charts and slides.

Para-clinical departments

The departments of pharmacology,  forensic medicine,  community medicine,  microbiology and pathology are functional with adequate staff and equipment. Construction of the second block of buildings to permanently house these and other departments,  is progressing on a war footing.


The central library possesses all recent editions of textbooks and reference books. The library subscribes to several Indian and international journals,  and has online connection to the Internet.
MOSC Medical College was started in the year 2002 with an emphasis to provide the students with the best and latest medical education  possible. The management is very much aware of the latest technologies and is committed to make them  available to its doctors and students. As a result of this concern,  a very spacious and beautiful Library with a unique collection of books was designed. Library is housed in a separate floor with 1355 sq meter area to accommodate all sections. It is dedicated to the good memory of a great scholar,  the late Dr.Paulose Mar Gregorious Metropolitian of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and one of the Vice - presidents of MOSC Medical Mission. The Library works from 8.30 AM to 12.00 Midnight on all days except Sundays. Now we have about 7500 books out of which 450 are latest costly reference books. In addition to this we have 2900 bound volumes  of journals in 110 titles. We are procuring more than 100 standard journals,  including 32 foreign journals and updating all the latest books every year. We have a separate Entrance Test section for our Junior Doctors and Students.


We have broadband internet facility having many computer terminals. The data can be downloaded through CD,  Floppy,  Pendrive and Laser printer. Internet facility is available throughout the working hours.

Xerox Facility

The Central Library is having a separate photocopy machine. The users can get photocopy of their required portion of books and journals at all working hours.

Digital Library

Our Digital Library accommodates CDs of all-important books and a separate CD library is also maintained. The Digital Library is connected to the LAN network and it can be accessed from any corner of the Medical College and Hospital.

Recreational Library

Central Library has separate area for recreational reading. This consists of Newspapers,  Periodicals, T.V,  VCR etc,.

Computerized Library

The Library is fully automated. A team of well-qualified and experienced staff is managing the Library.